Why Rasoi By Atithi?
It is really very easy to understand why “Rasoi by Atithi” has impressed people across the city for a long time now. This is a wonderful place where you would undoubtedly find a lot of peace and solace, when the atmosphere outside is chaotic. The inspiration to start such a cafe developed quite some months ago, when I casually noticed people nudging one another in cramped coffee shops and yet, waiting their turn to grab a cup of coffee or a platter of delicious food. It is the exterior ambience that slowly lures you into a shop. If the ambience inside is just as much stunning then, there starts the success. Keeping all this in mind, “Rasoi By Atithi” was designed to offer the best of comforts to people and foods.
The canvas paintings on the walls when you enter the café leave you absolutely breathless. The tables and chairs at Rasoi By Atithi are so comfortably designed to keep you relaxed throughout your stay. In a city such as Noida, people want to get away from their busy schedules and, spend some moments in private. The experience at Rasoi By Atithi will definitely transport them back to the time they most enjoyed earlier. The foods offered here are sure to melt in your mouth and you get obsessed to visit Rasoi by Atithi often. High quality coffee beans are brought from various places of India to get an unparalleled taste.
We only ask you to taste our food once for you to know what we have said is a bit less than what you have actually experienced!

Our choice of location for Rasoi By Atithi is suitable for people of all categories, from office goers to corporate owners. Being one of the upscale residential areas in the UP, Greater Noida has people with fashionable tastes for food. Since the cafe is located away from the noisy bustles of the city, there is no doubt people would prefer a place like ours. One of the biggest advantages of visiting Rasoi By Atithi is that your parking problems are completely diffused. On top of that, we have a valet who will come for your rescue when you can’t find one.
Visitors coming from a long distance would definitely want to spend time elsewhere after having a sumptuous meal at our cafe. Greater Noida helps a lot in those lines by offering world-class malls and entertainment centers in the nearest vicinity of Rasoi By Atithi.

Rasoi by Atithi has a clear-cut idea as to what the modern society needs and how to cater to their requirements and tastes. It is not only about food and ambience these days but also other types of services that pull people from across the city. The management knows the significance of it and constantly strives to add a lot to the already inundated service list.

Corporate Meetings:
Gone are the days when business meetings were held inside the offices in most big companies. Managements need their employees to be at ease while at meetings and so, want to provide them with a very comfortable ambience. Rasoi by Atithi lives up to such expectations through its event organizers that are on their toes to make your meetings a grand success. From decoration to food choice to kids’ entertainment, every aspect is prudently taken care of. A unique style is what you would experience at Rasoi by Atithi while in the process of dealing with your clientele.

Do not worry if you can’t find a booking with any hotel to hold your kin’s marriage. Rasoi by Atithi embraces you with its incessant cordiality to help you hold the event in a cost-effective way. Breath taking floral arrangements are handled by our expert team that blends with your choice of tastes. Further necessities such as transportation of guests, fun-filled games for children, food, beverage, accommodation etc., are dealt with by the team with extreme caution and diligence. Apart from marriage, events such as birthday, farewell, kids’ party can be conducted here and our team assists you very genially to make such events a very memorable one. Kids’ parties, especially, are organized by us in a way that the vibrancy of them stays in your minds for life.
There is nothing like experiencing a bachelor party at Rasoi by Atithi which is sure to linger in your minds forever. Since marriage is an occasion that comes only once in everyone’s life, it is undoubtedly an occasion to celebrate uninhibitedly. Bars are thrown open from evening to night to serve you with the best cocktails and liquor. Rasoi by Atithi gives you an assurance that it will be an unforgettable event of your life.

Catering Service:
The several cultural blends in India have given ways to different types of food that you will find nowhere outside our country. Rasoi by Atithi is a perfect place where people across the country can have their choices of food at reasonable costs. During appropriate seasons, we try our best to use organic vegetables for cooking. We maintain a very high level of hygiene within our premises to keep our customers happy continually. Utensils that we use are maintained very hygienically and periodic checks are conducted to spot faults. “Take away” orders and “Home deliveries” are handled very meticulously by our team on a timely basis.

Rasoi – House Party
Usher into the New Year with Happiness and Joy. Enjoy the festive season with fun, food and frolic. Celebrate togetherness with family and friends in the cosiness of your home. Be it a big party or a small get together, Atithi Group is at your service to fulfil all your dreams.
Enjoy your party without any hassle of elaborate cooking. Rasoi, the kitchen wing of Atithi group is there to deliver what you have planned for. Atithi one of the renowned name in the hospitality Industry is all set to spice up your special day with mouth-watering dishes. We have got everything you need to celebrate with good friends and great food! If you’re in the mood for handmade, customized and eco-friendly parties, Rasoi from Atithi is the best bet.
The Rasoi, team is highly motivated, professional, creative and adaptable to the needs of any situation. Our core strengths are firmly rooted in set-up, decoration and providing exotic dishes at pocket friendly prices. Fresh flowers and a table cloth or table runner will give your cocktail party a formal look and is an ideal set up for your social or business networking.
A drink station and dessert tables outside the main kitchen space– a huge trend these days. We welcome our guests with freshly brewed coffee or delectable cocktails with eclectic appetizers. Relish the best of Indian cuisine which graciously blends flavours, colours, species that brings the best taste and a memorable experience for your lunch. Our speedy spring supper provides plenty of taste in a short amount of time, thanks to quick recipes for colourful penne, a refreshing salad, and a delicious rhubarb cake.
We also specialise in providing dishes from across the globe. Be it cheesy pastas, thin crusted pizzas, tastiest Mexican Enchiladas or rich raviolis and ricottas. Our mini food recipes such as cheese muffins, French fries, chicken pot pies are sure to please the guests & eyes as well as their palates.
Boost the party mood with high energy food made from fresh vegetables and healthy oils. The healthy food will keep your bash fun, delicious, and ensure guests won’t feel as if they need to go for a walk after dinner.
Rasoi, offers expert service for organising different types of parties. Be it a cocktail and mock tail filled Bachelors party, Pyjama Party for where guests come in funny costumes and have hot tea, coffee and punch and varieties of sandwiches, cookies, and have a good time. Organise your Kids Birthday party at home and revisit your childhood days while enjoying the Spicy Samosas and crispy namkeens.
Rasoi - the House of Atithi Group is the best one stop solution for all your Party needs in Greater Noida

Our Menu:
It is our delicious menu that brings people from far-flung places. The level of cleanliness we maintain at Rasoi by Atithi is unparalleled. The cutlery and crockery we offer are cleansed in hot water to maintain a good hygiene level. We always remain committed to serving a fresh and high-quality food at very affordable prices. Organic vegetables are used by us whenever possible along with other seasonal ones that are equally tasty. We have a full range of beverages for adults and kids that are natural and do not normally stock drinks with preservatives added.
We serve continental and Chinese cuisine that are awe-inspiring and make you keep coming often. The continental breakfast of ours includes breads, pastries, croissants, fruit marmalades, butter, cheese etc. Apart from that, we have local food choices available for breakfast, lunch and dinner with unmatched quality. You can also order “Take-away” online and over the phone from morning to night. Deliveries are made without delays and to your satisfaction.